Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mini Research Group 2(B)


Brothers (from right): Muiz, Acap G, Alem, Faiz Fauad, Nudin, Azat, Dr SK Farid, Sharif, Hayul, Ben, Amir, Apis Kecik

Sisters, 2nd row from front (from right): Kak Yani, Acun, Ana, Ma, Kak Nadex, Ainie, Ija, Ro’ai

Sisters, 3rd row from front (from right): Lulu, Wana, Jihan, Zawanah, Tas, Ama, Ley, Nana

Not in picture: Munir and Big Show

p/s: It is never too late to say thanks for the memories! ;)

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